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KCFM-206/DL BOUNDARY LAYER APPARATUS (With Data logging Facility)


The test section of ÒBoundary Layer ApparatusÓ has been developed to perform various experiments of aerodynamics and fluid flow. This is a open circuit Wind Tunnel, provides a region of air flow. A layer of fluid, which comes in contact with the boundary surface, adheres to it on account of viscosity, as a real fluid flow past a solid boundary. As a result, Ôno slipÕ condition prevails. If the boundary is at rest, the fluid at the boundary has zero velocity and the velocity increases if the fluid is away from the boundary. Thus, there, is a thin layer in the vicinity of the boundary within which the velocity has been affected because of the boundary & viscous effects. This thin layer has been termed as the ÒBoundary LayerÓ
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