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KCFM-152Q FLOW METER DEMONSTATION (Hydraulic Bench Accessory)


Present set-up is an accessory of Hydraulic Bench. The equipment consists of a Venturimeter, variable area meter and orifice plate installed in series, which permits the direct comparison of one with another. A control valve is fitted at the discharge end of the circuit to vary the flow through these flow meters. through these flow meters.
Pressure tapings at appropriate positions are provided to measure the head loss for each flow meter and are connected to manometer to conduct the experiment. In this way the head loss characteristics of each flow meter can be observed and measured. The system is supplied with quick and easy coupling arrangement to connect with Hydraulic Bench. Manometer is pressurized with the help of a hand pump for observing the readings. The flow meters and manometer are attached to a supporting back plate and frame which may be placed upon the top tray of the hydraulic bench
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