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The present set-up consists of a reactor vessel. Liquid and air are fed to the reactor by means of a Peristaltic Feed Pump and a small capacity compressor, respectively. Flow rate of air can be regulated and controlled with the help of rotameter. Liquid level can be maintained in the reactor using overflow arrangement connected to the water annular chamber of the vessel. Water is drawn from feed tank to overhead tank with feed pump coupled to DC Motor. A suitable spider-arm dispenser is provided in the bottom of the reactor vessel to distribute the air thoroughly for sufficient bubbling and stirring for reaction. The cylindrical wall of reactor is made from porous material to retain the suspended particles. It can be easily removed for cleaning purpose. Clear water passes through outer annular exit chamber. A heater is provided in the reactor vessel to heat the liquid and its temperature is maintained with provided PID Controller. The reactor lid contains a gas exit pot for sampling the gas for analysis. A Dissolved Oxygen Meter and pH probe accompanies the apparatus, which allows to conduct the experiment with ease.
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