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The present set-up is designed to visualize the ideal flow around immersed body. It consists of a flow table in which flow of water is circulated in between two transparent sheets with a small gap between them. Water is supplied to the table and a coloured dye is injected in the inlet of flow at different location. Water from the sump tank is pumped by a centrifugal pump to a calming section for table and after passing through transparent sheet it goes back to sump tank. By-pass and flow control valves are provided to regulate the flow. Flow is made laminar by operating inlet control valve for water and it is visualized due to transparent sheet and coloured dye. A small capacity dye tank will be provided for the flow of dye in fluid inlet stream. Any obstacle can be placed between the sheets and change in flow pattern can be visualized. Obstacles of different types will be supplied with the apparatu
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